About Luigi's HB

The Best Ingredients Always

We use only real—and delectable—ingredients. No added flavors, colors, or preservatives of any kind. Luigi's HB's passion for Italian food is shared with our patrons, which is why we never compromise. Make sure to try our complementary baked daily Rosemary Focaccia bread that'll bring your craving to life!

Unparalled Experiences

Luigi's HB's courteous and professional staff provides an unforgettable experience for you and your party. Our establishment is recognized for our combination of world-class service, highly acclaimed cuisine, beautiful presentation and serene ambiance in an elegant yet energetic vibe.

Welcome to everyone

At Luigi's HB, we strive to create a comfortable atmosphere where you can focus on relaxing with friends and loved ones, knowing you'll always be taken care of. We relish the opportunities to serve our diverse & beautiful community and our restaurant is a safe space to people of all backgrounds, personalities and beyond.

Huntington Beach Hotspot

Luigi's HB has been the prime location for multiple community events, news stories, photo shoots, magazines and has even once hosted the set up for a movie scene. Try not to become starstruck if you notice Tom Cruise dining next to you!